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7 Apr



Posted by: Naushy Saeed

Grim Reaper Be Damned! How “Living Gifting” Keeps the Grim Reaper at BaySorry Mr. Reaper, we’ve just figured out another way to delay your death grip! Research shows that giving an inheritance to another person while you’re alive – a concept known as “living gifting” – not only feels good, it can promote better physical and mental well-being and even help you live longer.

Health researcher and best-selling author, Stephen G. Post, summarizes it nicely:

“A remarkable fact is that giving, even in later years, can delay death. The impact of giving is just as significant as not smoking and avoiding obesity.”

Still not convinced? Here are 5 Powerful reasons to consider giving an early inheritance:

1. We Are Living Longer – According to Statistics Canada, for a 65-year old couple there is a one-in-two chance that one of them will reach the age of 92. Do your children really need an inheritance when they are in their mid-to-late 60’s?

2. Pay Down Their Mortgage – Let’s say mom & dad gave their son $200,000 to pay down his existing mortgage. A $200,000 gift, amortized over 25 years, is really worth over $340,000 when you factor in the interest he’ll be saving. And paying down the son’s mortgage will lower his monthly mortgage payments, providing extra cash-flow to start saving for his retirement or university education for his children. The mortgage professionals at Dominion Lending Centres can help with a variety of mortgage options.

3. Time Value of Money – Money that is available today, is worth more than the same amount in the future, due to its earning capacity. Of course, if the money doesn’t earn anything, then this principal does not hold true. Using the above example, let’s say the son invested the $200,000 gift with a conservative 5% target rate of return over 25 years. Using a 25% marginal tax rate, that $200,000 gift is really worth $502,033 – even after deducting income taxes!

4. Save on Probate – In Ontario, the value of the estate is reduced by an encumbrance against the property. In the above example, if the parents took out a mortgage, or a reverse mortgage, to give their son a $200,000 gift, then that debt reduces the value of the estate, which will result in the estate paying less in probate fees (the taxes you pay on the settling of an estate).

5. Create Lasting Memories – After you are gone, the actual dollar amount you leave to your children will soon be long forgotten. What your children will remember is the time they spent with you. So, the next time you suggest a family trip to Disneyland, or a weekend getaway, and they tell you “let’s do it next year when we’ll have enough saved”, if you have the means, consider booking the trip as part of an early inheritance. Create lasting memories while your health allows you to, because after all, “Procrastination is the thief of time” – Charles Dickens

Roland is a Business Development Manager with HomEquity Bank.